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A Thin Place

In the Celtic tradition, 'thin places' are those places and moments when the separation between the material and spiritual slip away. Moments when we are met by a presence or feeling which suggests that there is more going on than thought possible. Those moments when goosebumps form, hair on our neck stands, our breath quickens. A feeling of awe.

For me, and I suspect for others, such a moment came on Saturday at the funeral for our great friend, Ralph Ezovski. Following the funeral liturgy and heartfelt eulogies, we processed from the church to an outer courtyard. There Ralph as a retired police officer and Army veteran was honored with taps and the presentation of our nation's colors to Ralph's wife, Deb. The ritual of the presentation of the colors, calls for the flag to be unfurled and then carefully, respectfully folded, for presentation to family.

The sky was overcast and the temp was cold. At the very moment when the flag was unfurled, the unexpected happened. The sun broke through the clouds and bathed us with light and warmth. I wasn't alone in taking a deep breath and sensing that we were being blessed. Being graced with warmth and comfort not of our own making. Could that be true?

Some will say it was merely a coincidence. Perhaps.

Yet my body, mind and spirit tell me that it was more. A gift of assurance. A reminder that we and Ralph are not alone. Not forgotten. That something of the eternal was and is at work.

I can't prove, measure or quantify what I felt. I can only say that for me, at that moment, there was more going on than meets the eye. For those moments the warming sun met us, when we needed it the most. A gift of grace freely given.

Whatever is going on in your life. Whatever weight you carry. My prayer, my hope is that you will be blessed and graced with warmth and light, just when you need it the most. Be well.

With you on the journey ~ Kent Harrop

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