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About Pray and Paddle

Each day and season on the water is different offering its own gifts.

Pray and Paddle approaches paddling as a contemplative/ meditative practice. A time to slow down and paddle in silence.

The invitation is to listen and notice what is going on within and around you. All religious traditions teach that in cultivating silence and living in the moment, we are most apt to hear and experience the Divine.

Pray and Paddle is a wonderful event for both novice and experienced paddlers. A paddling and safety orientation begins each session. Three routes are offered (dependent on wind and weather conditions). Each event is approximately 2-3 hours. Kent Harrop as your guide will send a list of what to bring and information about the upcoming paddle. In case of inclement weather, a notification will be sent out the evening prior.  Rentals available for kayaks (solo and tandem) and canoes.  Can also bring own boat.  Fees listed on online registration for each paddle event along with liability waiver. Launch is from Rolling Ridge (unless otherwise noted).


History and 
Lake Cochichewick

 Looking from Rolling Ridge to Weir Hill. Weir Hill is a 194 acre Trustee of Reservation property.

The Pennacook, the first people, set up weirs or fishing nets along the shore.

Lake Cochichewick is a resevoir for the town of North Andover.  Kayaking and canoeing is allowed with permits from the city or as guests of Rolling Ridge.  Swimming is not allowed nor are pets allowed in water.

Pray and Paddle Gallery

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