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Renewal on the Water

We are living in an anxious time. The uncertainty related to COVID, the escalating impact of Climate Change, the haunting images from the war in Ukraine, mixed with whatever challenges each person may be dealing with, is a recipe for anxiety.

The antidote to anxiety is found in silence. The old adage, 'don't just sit there, do something', is turned on its head. As people of Faith, we are called to slow down, rest and listen. In the Gospels, Jesus regularly turned from the demands and anxiousness of his time, to go to a quiet place to pray. After a time apart, steeped in silence, connected to the Creator, Jesus would return with renewed energy, courage and purpose.

Pray and Paddle invites you to follow in the way of Jesus. To follow in the way of all contemplative traditions and via kayak or canoe, spend time paddling and drifting in silence. Immersing oneself in the beauty of creation. The prophet Isaiah said: 'Listen and your soul will live'. On the water, we paddle together, sharing in the silence. Listening individually and collectively for the movement of that Great Mystery we call God/Spirit/Creator.

I believe in what Jesus knew to be true. That God desires too bless, restore and renew us. For what purpose? So that we can then, individually and collectively, continue the good work of healing humanity, healing the planet and making peace.

Couldn't you use some healing and hope? Wherever you may be on your spiritual journey, I invite you to join me on the water.

Grace and peace be yours. ~ Kent Harrop

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