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In Need of a Blessing

Restless at 3 a.m. I awaken to a throbbing in my lower jaw. A trip to the dentist can no longer be put off. I pop a few Tylenol and try to sleep. At 6 a.m. I'm up, feed the cat, grab a coffee, check my newsfeed whispering a prayer for the healing of our world.

By 9 a.m. my dentist refers me to a specialist who confirms what I feared, a root canal the next day. I emerge from my consultation as snow falls. More accumulation than expected at 6 ".

I drive home. The discomfort in my lower jaw persists. Pop more Tylenol, Nothing to be done until tomorrows appointment. I realize I need a blessing.

I need to go to the woods, immerse myself in the snowfall. 6" of snow isn't a lot but enough. I change into my winter clothes, grab my x country skis and head for a nearby working farm (with open trails for the public).

Appleton Farm, Hamilton, MA

The forecast is for the snow to soon give way to sleet then rain. I'm just ahead of the forecast, snow still falling. I glide through the snow, through a field approaching the forest. I find myself relaxing. My worries, concerns and even the discomfort in my jaw begins to fade. All I can hear is the movement of my skis and the quiet.

Scientists know that snow absorbs 87% of sound. I'm surrounded by quiet. Thomas Keating, the Trappist monk and mystic offers 'Creator's first language is silence.'

Out from the silence I feel the Creator's embrace. The tree limbs heavy with snow welcome me. The crisp air carries me.

This is a place of blessing. An offering of peace.

I entered the woods in need of a blessing. The gift was freely given and gratefully received.

What about you? What do you carry?

May you too be blessed.

With you on the journey ~ Kent Harrop

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